Recent Before & After Photos

From Fire to Water

When there is a fire damage, a lot of time it turns into a water damage due to the fire fighters putting the fire out. In these pictures, you can see the main b... READ MORE


Water damage is bad enough but when it hides from you and causes mold, that is a real bummer. Here you can see a home that had a hole in their wall that slowly ... READ MORE

When Water Damage Travels

As we all know, water is a liquid and travels with ease when not contained. Unfortunately this helps water with damaging your house faster and creates a larger ... READ MORE

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The winter season often brings good cheer and time with family, but it also brings storms. Rain can be relentless. Like they say, when it rains, it pours. In th... READ MORE

Process of Removal

Mold is a tricky thing to conquer, but here at SERVPRO, we know just how to do it! See mold is always around. It is in the air, ready to find a home and grow. M... READ MORE

Untreated Water Damage

This mold remediation was the result of untreated water damage. A vacant home with a broken pipe became saturated with water, and quickly turned into a hazardou... READ MORE

Flood in Restaurant Sonoma CA

Floods can happen at any moment. Not just from nature. A sink can over flow or a pipe can burst or your neighbors store could have a huge water damage that leak... READ MORE


When fire is given enough time to destroy a structure, it is unthinkable what said fire can, and will do. Here you see a home that had a fire start from the hot... READ MORE

Cleaning Contents After Fire

As you can see on this necklace we know how to clean soot! In a fire, the aftermath can make everything looked destroyed. It hard to look past the soot and dark... READ MORE

Flooding at a Fire Station

Back in December of 2015 storms hit us pretty hard and they left the Healdsburg fire department suffering from a large amount of flooding. With about Six inches... READ MORE