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National Preparedness Month

It is finally September and that means it is National Preparedness Month! SERVPRO is partnered with the American Red Cross, and together we want to make sure you are prepared for anything! Make sure to check out the Red Cross Web site to see available Emergency Kits.

Commercial Fire Damage in Gurneville!

Our fire girls are currently going through he contents of a very large commercial fire loss. They must go through each item and write up all items that are fire damaged and non-salvageable. In this photo, you can see some fire damaged contents we will be writing up shortly.

Fun in the Sun!

It was a fun day at SERVPRO of Novato/North San Rafael on July 28th. We decided that was the perfect day for an Employee Appreciation BBQ! Our marketing team out did themselves for that day. Leona, Raechel and Stevie did the planning, Leona and Raechel went shopping, while all three girls made different sides for the BBQ and Michael barbequed the burgers and hotdogs. We all enjoyed each other’s company and sent time with our families. We will most definitely be doing this again!


As some might imagine, restoring fire and smoke damage can take time. Especially if you add water to the mix, to put out the fire, and then the water grows mold. Then you have an even bigger headache then just the initial fire. That is why you call a team that is #Fastertoanysizedisaster. We will make it "Like it never even happened," and do it in a timely manner, which lowers the chances of mold greatly! If you want to get the job done right, and in a timely manner, call us here at SERVPRO of Novato/N.San Rafael (415)763-2080

Fireplace or Heater or Both?

Though we are in the middle of a heat wave, we are no strangers to the cold here in Marin County. In the winters, remember if you want a fire in your fire place and your heater on, start your fire first. Once lit, let it burn a little while then turn on your heater. If you do it the other way around, the heater will pull the smoke from the fire into your home, and no one wants that! Just a friendly tip from your local SERVPRO!

Every Thing is Accounted For

When you have a business and you experience something horrific, like a water or fire damage, we know all you see is dollar signs flying out the window. That is why our fire team who cleans everything knows that the things that cannot be saved, like these napkins, should be written up and have pictures taken so that you can be reimbursed by your insurance and get your business back up and running. 

Happy Veteran's Day 2016!

Today is November 11, 2016 and we want to take this time to honor our veterans and say Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served for our country, and thank you from all of us here at SERVPRO of Novato/North San Rafael!

Watch those Exterior Vents!

During rainy season watch your exterior vent. With heavy rains comes some flooding. Though the flooding may not been to extensive on the outside, if it gets inside, it is not a good thing. SO watch those exterior vents and if you do have water damage from your vents, give us a call at


Look out below this stormy season! We have seen more than one roof damage this season and we want everyone to be careful! If you do have roof damage, causing water damage, give us a call as soon as possible before you have a mold damage. (415)763-2080

Big or Small, We've Seen It All!

If you have a small amount of mold, or a great amount, give us a call! We will be more than willing to come out and make it "Like it never even happened!"

Cleaning Technicians are Key!

We understand how important your possessions are to you. This is why our cleaning techs are so key to our operation! We take time to specially train technicians to clean fire damaged items, so when you get them back, it is "Like it never even happened."

Inventorying Everything for your Business!

Whether it is your home or business we inventory everything! In this case, this client had a fire in their shop. We inventoried all items in the store and all structures. We do this at every job not just to aid us, but to ensure all your belongings are accounted for.

Leaking Roof

Water damage can come from any where. Busted pipe, overflowed tub, or roof damage. This client was unaware of their roof issues till it rained and then it began raining in their home. SERVPRO of Novato/North San Rafael was their in a flash to start tackling the water ASAP! 

Mold Mold Go Away!

Nobody likes mold, and nobody wants mold, but a lot of people get mold. If you find mold in your home, please do not stress. Just call SERVPRO, and we'll take care of it, "Like it never even happened!"

No More Soot!

We here at SERVPRO want you to truly feel "Like it never even happened" and this is why our cleaning technicians are so important! One of our techs took the soot covered rhinestone necklace and got all the nooks and crannies, keeping our "Like it never even happened" promise. 


Ever been exposed to a storm so bad it took your roof off? Well this client has. Unfortunately in a storm, when your roof is gone, you will defiantly suffer some water damage. SERVPRO of Novato/North San Rafael was there and we took care of it all. During the storm season, if you get water damage, give us a call to make it "Like it never even happened." (415)763-2080

Out with the Old!

When a fire hits your property, it is devastating. There is a lot of negativity that goes along with a fire, but some choose to make the best of the situation. In extreme cases where almost the entire interior of a structure is burnt to a crisps such it was here, they decided it will renew their property and they are choosing look on the bright side. This property was very old and had asbestos and now that it has all been removed, they can have a fresh, asbestos free building.

Valley Fire Storm Event CA

Fire is a scary thing. House fires are horrible and can take your home just like that. Wild fires are even worse. In 2015, California was rocked with the Valley fire. It destroyed 1,322 homes, 27 apartment buildings and 73 businesses. There was also an additional 93 buildings damaged. This is a storm event, a fire storm, and this photo captures just  some of the horrible damage caused by it's path.

Face Lift for our Dump Truck

Everything looks better with a fresh coat of paint. Our guys Jack and Juan are giving our dump truck a brand new look that way SERVPRO of Novato/N. San Rafael can always look our best, and now even our dump truck will look great next time you see us.

Demo On A Water Job

Here in this picture you see our crew chief Gustavo and production technician Omar doing demolition in a water damaged condo. Our guys work very hard and quickly to get water damaged jobs demoed quickly in order to prevent mold. They are specially trained to demo buildings and we couldn't do what we do, with out them. Thanks guys!

Nail Salon On Fire

Fire is very scary and can effect your life in so many ways. For this clients there was a huge impact. Not only did they have a fire but the water from the sprinklers caused water damage to the two connecting businesses. This client owned all three businesses and with everything in their lives going crazy with this fire slash water damage they knew to call SERVPRO to come and handle everything and save the day.

Fire Storm-After

In 2015 California had it's third worst fire ever. This not only left homes destroyed but with the homes that survived, they were all covered in a mixture of ash and soot. During this storm event we cleaned many homes that were covered with this mixture from the fire. During these hard times you go through, know you can call us to make it "Like it never even happened."

Saving Your Belongings

Fire takes it's tole on our homes, minds and belongings. We here at SERVPRO do our best to help ease the tole taken upon your home and belongings, which we hope will have a chain reaction of easing your mind. One of our cleaning techs completely restored this necklace using our tools and her specialized training. We know there will be some things lost to the fire, but if we can save anything, we do.

When a Water Damage Becomes a Mold Problem

This is a picture of what occurs if you do not treat a water damage fast enough. Unfortunately sometimes there is no way of knowing if you have water damage. There could be a slow leak under your tub or a busted pipe in the flooring of your kitchen. When water damage goes untreated it will grow mold. If you have any suspicion of a water leak or mold please call us at (415)763-2080

Van Ready to Go

Packing up to go to a water damage. Our team is quick to change gears, ready for any situation that may present itself. This team came back from one job, unpacked their van and repacked it to suit their needs for the new job. We here at SERVPRO Novato/N. San Rafael pride ourselfs in knowing we can always ready our selfs with speed and efficientcy.

Extraction of Water

Here you see one of our crew chiefs using a Rover machine to extract water from a leak in this Sonoma Business. The Rover will actually extract more water when you are standing on it then it will without your weight applied. Extraction of water is very important because without it, mold can grow which leads into even more issues. If you have water damage, OR mold, call SERVPRO at (415)763-2080

Smoke and Soot Gets Everywhere!

In this photo you see a door hanging jewelry holder. This was once white. The dis colorization comes from the smoke and soot in the air during the fire. It is items like these that could cause the fire smell to linger. This is why we clean every item of contents and even ozone some items. We want no smell to linger because we want it "Like it never even happened."

A flood in a Hair Salon, CA

Water damage can be very dangerous. This salon, had suffered water damage do to a fire next door. Water damage opens a bad door called mold. Mold is very unhealthy to be breathing in. Luckily we got in and did the job quickly and efficiently. When you do a water job right, your prevent and mold problem later.

Power Washing the Storms Away

When storms hit us, and floods occur, the water likes to leave behind little reminders of itself. Not only will it damage your home or business or leave debris everywhere, but it leaves dirt everywhere as well. In this photo you see one of our guys power washing all of the extra dirt left on a clients walk way after a flood. Watch out for floods and if you have one, Call us here at SERVPRO at (415)763-2080

Small Business Expo With Marketing Manager Leona!

Here you see our awesome Marketing Manager mingling with the community at the Small Business Expo spreading the good word of SERVPRO of Novato/North San Rafael! Thank you Leona for all your hard work!

Mold Can Be Anywhere

Here is a shot of mold in an attic. Most people do not know much about mold, except that it can be toxic. Here are some facts about mold.

- It can be anywhere (Not just bathroom and kitchen. 

- Once it's visible, it's like the tip of the ice burg, what you see is only the top of the problem and there is probably more underneath. 

- Don't try and wash it with bleach. Though tempting, it won't get rid of the mold, just hide it for a short time, while it gets worse. 

- Mold can cause asthma to be worse, eye problem, ie pink eye, sties etc..., and in extreme cases, brain damage.

If you have mold or even think there is mold anywhere in your home, give us a call for an inspection. (415)763-2080

Water Damage in Kitchen Cabinet Shop, CA

Here you see the effects of water damage in a small business in Sonoma California. The had a leak in the attic that made its way down to the main floor. This caused the warping you see in this photo. Luckily this store owner was only away for the weekend and caught this before mold could grow and fester. 

SERVPRO Action Heros!

Here you see one of our clients grandsons overjoyed at his new SERVPRO poster. It was scary when his grandma's kitchen caught fire and everything in the house was moved out, including all of his toys and belongings. But he was so happy when SERVPRO came in to save the day and make it "Like it never even happened" After the job was done he proudly hung up his new poster, happy to be back home.

Getting Down and Dirty at a Water Job!

Here you see Cameron West inspecting a water damage job in Sonoma California. This job was caused by a water softener in the attic. Before we do any job, we thoroughly inspect every detail to know we restore every inch of damaged structure.

What To Do When Mold Is Everywhere

When you find mold, STOP! Do not touch it! You do not want the mold to become aerosolized, because then you risk breathing it in and that can be very hazardous to your health. When you find mold, especially in these large amounts, you better call SERVPRO! We will be out there in no time to remove the mold and eliminate possibilities for regrowth, making it "Like it never even happened."

First Impressions are Key!

Here at SERVPRO of Novato/N. San Rafael we know what a first impression can mean, that is why we keep all our vehicles fresh and clean as to best represent our SERVPRO name. Here's a picture of one of our trucks just after getting to a job. This truck is great for bring our equipment to clients homes for demo, or dry out, or it works great for taking out all the boxes and furniture back to our shop for cleaning.

Disaster-est Fire in Commercial Home, CA

This is the aftermath of a devastating fire that ran rapid in this structure. We had to demolish all walls, ceilings, floors, leaving only structure left. Fire can be very destructive by itself, but add the smoke and soot smell on everything, there was no other choice for this job then to demo everything. Our cleaning crew had to clean and ozone most contents from this job in order to ensure no smell lingered. SERVPRO has special tools to achieve the best results possible for fire damaged items.

Crazy Water Damage in Novato Attic

This photo is a snap shot of the damage that was caused by a busted pipe in the up stairs bathroom. The damage was quite extensive and was soaked up into half of the belongings in this attic. Luckily we were able to save all the items in the attic that had gotten wet with our superior drying process. When you get SERVPRO, you get the job done right!

The Valley Fire Storm, CA

The Valley Fire that happened back in September of 2015. Within the first five and a half hours it had burned 10,000 acres. That night there was mandatory evacuation for the towns of, Cobb, Middle Town, Loch Lomond, Harbin Hot Springs, Hidden Valley Lake, Clear Lake Riviera, Riviera West and parts of Kelseyville, Pope Valley and Angwin. This photo shows structures burnt down in Middle Town. The fire only lasted about a week but the damage was outstanding.

Throwback to the 2016 Chamber Mixer!

Now this was a very cool Chamber Mixer at the open house for the Maserati of Marin dealership. It is always nice to mingle with the business associates of our SERVPRO community. Not to mention, who wouldn't love getting a closer look at these pretty cars! Can not wait for next year.

Turning a Negative Into a Positive

Here we pride ourselves with making it "Like it never even happened" but sometimes that is not what the customer wants. In some situations, our clients will take a fire damage or a water damage and turn it into a remodel. In this home there was a massive fire damage. The owners decided to completely gut the house and turn it into a brand new home. Though we could had made it like nothing ever happened we decided to just help them out and make it like the fire never even happened. It is always nice when a family can take a negative and turn it into a positive.

Why Call SERVPRO For My Mold Problem?

Mold spores when touched can be easily aerosolized.  Once they are disturbed, hundreds of thousands of spores can fill the air very quickly.  Because of this, procedures involving containment walls need to be in place to prevent spreading to the rest of the building. At SERVPRO of Novato/North San Rafael we are specially trained to follow such procedures in order to get the job done right, safely, and as quickly as possible. For any problems with mold call us at (415)763-2080

October's Hero of The Month - Donna Curtin!

Here is our first hero of the month, Donna Curtin!

Donna is the Crew Chief of our cleaning technicians. She recently did an outstanding job at a fire loss in Santa Rosa. She went above and beyond to make sure no matter what was thrown her way; she made our client, our client’s grandson, and the rest of their family feel comforted and at ease in such a devastating time. Donna is always kind and hardworking, making our clients know without a doubt we are there to make “Like it Never Even Happened.” Donna is an amazing part of our team we are lucky to have. Thank you Donna!

For some fun facts about Donna check out our Facebook!

Join The Fight!

This October of 2016 we here at SERVPRO of Novato/North San Rafael and our other franchise SERVPRO of Santa Rosa S.E./Sonoma are teaming up to join the fight for the cure against breast cancer. For every claim we receive this month we will be donating $20.00 to Susan G. Komen Foundation in the name of the person who gives us the claim. Join the fight with us. Together we can make a difference!